How To Fix A Bad Nose Job

How to Fix a Bad Nose Job

A clear understanding of why bad nose jobs occur and what they look like can help people weigh the pros and cons of nose surgery. Of course,How To Fix A Bad Nose Job Articles even if someone moves forward with a nose job, complications can still arise. At this point, it pays to know how revision rhinoplasty can be used to fix a bad nose job.


Now, let’s answer some of the biggest 룸알바 questions surrounding bad nose jobs and how revision rhinoplasty surgery can be used to correct them.
What Is a Bad Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty surgery reshapes or resizes a patient’s nose and ensures it looks proportional to the eyes, cheeks, and other facial features. The surgery enhances facial symmetry and revitalizes the facial appearance. However, a bad nose job delivers subpar results.


There are many signs of a bad nose job. These include:
1. Low Nasal Bridge

A facial plastic surgeon can inadvertently remove too much nasal bone or cartilage during a rhinoplasty. In this instance, the nose lacks sufficient support. As a result, the nose can cave in and collapse.
2. Pinched Nostrils

The nostrils can appear pinched after nose surgery if too much tissue or cartilage is removed from the outer portion. If this happens, the nose can appear narrow. At the same time, the nostrils can look like slits rather than round holes.
3. Elevated Nasal Tip

If the nose is shortened too much during a rhinoplasty, a patient may appear to have a “pig snout.” This issue can be temporary and subside within a few weeks of a nose job. But, there can be instances in which an elevated nasal tip persists for months after treatment. And the longer the issue goes unaddressed, the more likely it becomes that it can permanently hamper an individual’s facial appearance.